Stretched Fabric Wall

A discreet way to hide acoustic treatments and speakers


1. Simplified Fabric System - Custom installation by Simplified Acoustics.

2. Deco Stretch - An AV Professionals DIY

Deco Stretch™ is a stretched fabric wall treatment that maintains the effectiveness of acoustic treatments and speakers while hiding them discreetly. 

Each Deco Stretch kit includes one piece of black transparent fabric that can be easily stretched across a wall up to 10 feet tall. It can be installed in two ways:

Custom Deco Stretch (Stretched-Fabric) Installation

Custom Deco Stretch (Stretched-Fabric) Installation

On the wall

A great looking way to hide in-wall speakers and acoustic treatments

False wall

A simple way to hide cabinet speakers, subs and deep acoustic treatments. Transparent fabric is stretched over a framed wall and removable side panels. This provides access to speakers for final placement while providing a clean, elegant look.