Why Acoustics?

Because Physics Happens!

Just having the theater inside a room, whatever size it may be, creates problems due to reflected sound and low-end/bass build-up within that space.

Adding acoustic treatments is a simple way to take a standard room from good to great.

Following are several basic ideas that can be used even with the smallest of budgets to help the overall performance of a theater or media room. 

1. Put absorptive material behind the screen, (Fiberglass, Recycled Cotton or Foam)

  • This will take the front to back reflections out of play and works well on narrower rooms.

  • Covering the front wall with treatment that includes bass traps will increase listening pleasure and speaker performance. This requires stretching the front wall with fabric; see SA’s Stretched Front Wall solution.

2. Place fabric wrapped acoustic panels around the listening area

  • This absorbs the side wall reflections that arrive later in time to the listener and “Smear” the sound continuing to come from the Center Channel Speaker

  • These panels can also cover In-Wall Surround Speakers and create a more aesthetically pleasing environment

3. Avoid putting speakers in the wrong position. 

  • Seems like a no-brainer but I see it all the time. Speakers are usually put in convenient locations and not in correct positions

  • Weigh the pros & cons of the location versus speaker type

4. Place seats at optimal positions, avoid worst places to sit.

  • Against the rear wall is a horrible place to sit! Home owners want as big a screen as possible so the seats are pushed back against the wall.

  • Bass builds up against boundaries (walls) and creates a very difficult listening environment. Bass is turned down to allow speech to be heard or the entire row suffers

  • If seats have to be placed against the rear wall, adding absorptive treatments to the back wall can help absorb the build-up.

If you need help with any theater project or just want to discuss some of the above ideas, give Simplified Acoustics a call at 317-520-2590.