Residential Acoustics Resources


Simplified Acoustics did everything for this room, from layout to lighting design to custom acoustics. The goal: make a room that’s comfortable and had “rip my face off accurate” sound. Mission accomplished.

Looking for more inspiration? Our gallery features lots of ideas for your residential acoustics project. In particular, you’ll find several examples of high-end home theater installations.


While home theaters are the most common place for residential acoustic treatments, other spaces may benefit as well.  For example, this homeowner installed a bowling lane near a gathering area. Because there was an open room next to the bowling alley, sound bounced around – and funneled outside of the alley area like a megaphone. 

By using a stretched fabric system all along the entire wall (using full runs of fabric for aesthetic reasons), we were able to not only control sound in the bowling lane area, but make the space look great. And you can’t even spot the hidden door halfway down the wall!