The Simplified Fabric System (SFS) is a site-built, high quality custom acoustic solution. Specialized fabric retainers allow a variety of fabrics to tightly span absorptive, diffusive and reflective substrates. Aesthetic and acoustical possibilities are unlimited. 

 The SFS on-site installation allows for variations in drywall, woodwork and uneven walls. Scheduling the installation can be expedited as there are no fine measurements that need to be submitted prior to the manufacture of the acoustical treatments. Work can begin as soon as the woodwork or surrounding areas have been finished.

Custom-Installed Simplified Fabric System

Custom-Installed Simplified Fabric System

 DESIGN -         

Once an overall aesthetic design has been determined, then an initial acoustical analysis will be conducted on the space. Key factors that will be used are room dimensions, speaker layout, seating positions and wall type.

Acoustical problems will be identified and a treatment solution is designed specifically for the space. Acoustical analysis is accomplished using three dimensional modeling and pressure graphs at specific problem frequencies.

To implement the design specifics a Simplified Professional will interface with the onsite building trades to relay the treatment specifics and work thru any construction issues.  Finished woodwork generally will be shimmed to specific depths to accommodate the treatment solution. Drawings are supplied to trades if required.

 Both acoustical and aesthetic design are dependent on each other . Any changes in one element will require changes in the other. This is not a problem with the SFS as changes can be implemented on site.

For example a last minute change to a more absorptive fabric might require that more reflective acoustical materials be used. No problem, as this can be accomplished on site prior to the installation of the fabric.


              Fabric -  Many different types and styles of fabric can be stretched using our specialized retention track. All fabrics must be approved prior to installation to ensure acoustical transparency and track retention. Our large knowledge of fabric options allows us the opportunity to offer fabric options if certain fabrics create a problem.

              Track-   A large variety of track profiles and thicknesses allow us to create the required look. Some of these being square, beveled and radius edged.  

             Treatment-   A combination of absorption, diffusion and reflection are combined to create a large listening area. Low frequencies present the largest problem within small spaces, therefore custom built bass traps are designed specifically for each room, given there is space available. We work to create the space within the aesthetic limits.